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Lincpak is Officially a BCMPA Affiliated Member


We’re proud to announce that Lincpak has officially joined the BCMPA as an affiliated member


Since its inception in 2000, the Association for Contract Manufacturing, Packing, Fulfilment and Logistics (BCMPA) has become a well-established and internationally respected UK trade body. The organisation is now a leading force in the promotion of the UK’s manufacturing and packing industry and the services its members provide. 


The BCMPA is now home to over 180 members, spanning across a vast range of sectors, including food & drink, chemical, personal and pet care, household, pharmaceutical products and more. 


Our membership with the BCMPA and presence on their website makes us more accessible than ever to potential clients, allowing them to quickly identify our services and facilities. This creates a much smoother introduction and speeds up any negotiations, building a better foundation for an ongoing relationship with clients moving forward.   


The BCMPA’s ongoing efforts to engage with trade magazines, exhibitions and similar organisations will allow us to attend more events and place us at the forefront of the industry, increasing our exposure tenfold to build more connections within the manufacturing and packing trade. 


Throughout the pandemic, members of the BCMPA helped fill the gaps in the UK’s supply chain, stepping up to the challenge as the first port of call for brand owners, retailers and e-commerce companies. 


Here at Lincpak, we’re committed to continuing this support as a new member, using our expertise, facilities and wide range of services to help UK businesses not only bounce back, but thrive. 

Check us out on the BCMPA website, where you can find a full breakdown of our services and contact details. We look forward to hearing from prospective clients and seeing where our membership with the BCMPA takes us!


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